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Earlier this week, I found myself networking IRL (in real life) at the London Small Business Centre – a local resource centre for new entrepreneurs and small business owners.

At this event, I was sitting with three women

that had recently established their companies – an ominous task at best.  We started talking about social media and its importance in an over all marketing plan.  I was speaking on the values, the virtues, the overall impact on my bottom line… I went on to explain that as a small b

usiness, I am constantly evaluating what ‘advertisement’ and ‘promotion’ I can get for a minimal cost.  To that effect, I started using social media platforms: my organizing blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to introduce and start promoting my company.

“Slow down partner” they said, “first we have to know how to set up a profile? What features should we be using?  Where the heck do you even find them?Who should I be connecting to?  Which platform should I be on?

What I quickly found out was that the hesitation w

as not in trying to use different social media platforms but in how to navigate the site features – AND even more basic – how to get started.

With those questions in mind, I established LinkedLearning.ca last year to address those exact concerns.  I found that there was a gap between the those telling us to start using social media platforms and those offering full-on marketing strategies.

If people do not understand where to even begin, they won’t even try using it.  Still worse, naysayers that don’t understand the benefits just shrug it off as a waste of time.

LinkedLearning will train you to use eac

h individual platform.  We get your profiles set up – correctly – then we continue to teach you about the features to use to effectively GROW YOUR BUSINESS.  And in business that is all we really want, isn’t it?

So join us…find out where where we are on Foursquare…read our blog…search our tweets on Twitter… peruse our pos

ts on Facebook and review our updates on LinkedIn. Learn with us.

Welcome to


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