Friday Features: LinkedIn – Making an Introductions

So you find yourself in the position of being able to connect one of your connections with another.  How do you go about introducing one to the other?

With LinkedIn you can go to a person’s profile and then click on “Forward this profile to a connection”

This can be found on the top right hand-side of your connections Profile Page

A message box will appear and you can select which connection you would like to send the introduction to.  At that point in time the body of the text defaults to this:

“I found Jane Smith’s profile on LinkedIn and thought you might be interested. I would be happy to introduce you to them through my network.

I find these defaults helpful, if you don’t like to write, but I think they are dry not very interesting.  To make a successful introduction, I suggest these key three details:

  1. Personalize the introduction – why are you introducing Jane, your personal/connection to Jane + how you know the other person that is receiving the introduction. You did business with Jack or he is in your networking group.
  2. Customize your signature at the end-full name, company name and email/phone number should either person wants to follow up.
  3. Make sure you provide each person an opportunity to contact you if they choose not to go forward with the introduction: “Please contact me if you have any questions”;  or how you will step back once the introduction has been made “… otherwise, I will leave it up to both of you to get in touch with each other.”

Always remember to thank the person that made the introduction possible.  It acknowledges that the intro was received and accepted.  Just common business courtesy.

Making an introduction is a way to manifest business karma: helping someone else with their business is what networking is all about.  If you help someone, in the long run, someone will help you.  This is the foundation that has grown my business exponentially in the last 3 years.

So making an introduction is not just part of who I am, it is part of how I do business.


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