Twitter Lists

Recently, I have been updating my Twitter lists and adding new ones.  For those of you that are not familiar with this great feature, here is a brief tutorial:

Lists are a grouping of twitter followers that you amass in a list. By grouping these handles together, you can view their tweets quickly instead of scrolling through your whole feed. It categories your interests easily and efficiently.  As your following grows, you may find this useful in keeping track of people.

Here are two prime examples from my @DownshiftingPOS Twitter  lists:

#NAPO2011 – National Association of Professional Organizers

This is a list of people who attended the  NAPO 2011 conference in San Diego. How did I compile the list?  I added all those who tweeted throughout the event and used the #NAPO2011 hashtag (hashtag = #) ; those who attended and I met at the tweet up (tweet-up = in real life meeting of those that are on Twitter and were attending the conference) ;  the ICD meet up;  were exhibitors or vendors – basically, anyone who was in attendance. This differs from those that were following the conference via Twitter but not in attendance. [BTW, if you attended #NAPO2011 and want to be added to the list, please send me a direct message or @ mention)

So now, if I want to see what my fellow conference attendees are tweeting about, I can just click on ‘lists’ then on NAPO2011 and then scroll through the timeline.  I don’t have to see everyone else’s feed  that I follow on Twitter just those that I want to follow consistently. (see example above of posts from professional organizers ~ and fellow social media geeks like me ~ @bkajino and @kristacolvin).

The second example is of two lists of people who live, work and tweet from London, Ontario, Canada.  I have TWO  different lists because this option has a restriction of 500 names per list.  Every time I follow someone new from London, I add them to the list.  I use the #londondertofollow hash tag when thanking them for the follow or suggesting  them as a handle to follow to those who follow me .  This acknowledgement creates the opportunity for engagement. This would be the holy grail of social media.

LinkedLearning Lesson:

Creating lists on Twitter:

  1. Amass in a list those that you want to group together or to keep closer eye on (for good content to re-tweet, engage with)
  2. Create a list, give it a name and define the list
  3. Add person to to the  list so you can review their tweets faster then scrolling through your feed or just seeing their individual tweets
  4. Notify them that you have singled them out and added them to your  list.  This makes them feel special and creates engagement.
  5. You may want to send the following tweet:  “Thanks for the follow. I have added you to my list of #londonertofollow where you will find others on Twitter from London. Follow the list if you like. Questions? LMK”
  6. Update the lists, follow it and get others to follow. [Twitter alert: if someone follows a list, it does not mean that they follow every person on the list.  If they want to do that, they need to click on the individual follow button for each handle]
I hope this has helped you understand what a list is, how to use it and how to create one.  If you have anymore questions about how to use lists, let me know (LMK)!

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