Social Media for Good: McGill researchers dance for donations – Montreal –

One of the most discussed topics is how we can use social media platforms for good and not just for profit.  The thing is social media can always be used for good whether it is making a video and hoping it will go viral, tweeting out the video or posting the video to your Facebook page.  By ‘sharing’ a video you, too can play your part in raising both awareness and money.

Here is a great example of how researchers at my alma mater McGill’s Goodman Cancer Research Centre exchange lab coats for dance moves.  Why not, it makes science look fun!

Kudos have to go out to the world-renowned scientists, grad and undergrad students, lab technicians, staff and volunteers dancing and lipsynching to the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz.

You have to acknowledge that Medicom, a medical supply company, works social media into their marketing/social media strategy by sponsoring the video and is making a donation to the centre for each hit the video receives. Once again, it is a win-win for both McGill & the company.

So take the time today to do some social good of your own and “like” the video so “The McGill Dance Crew” raise a lot of money for Cancer Research!  


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