QuoVadis Canada – Minister Prestige – Product Review

Yeah, it is December and I finally get to start using my *brand new* Quo Vadis Minister Prestige Planner. I have been waiting since I received mine at the 2011 Professional Organizers in Canada Conference in early November.

My B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L Minister Prestige 2012

I have had a love for Quo Vadis planners since I worked at TELUS over 20 years ago.  My boss always had me order the same planner: the pocket size Quo Vadis IB Traveler. I could never understand how he could carry such a small agenda but I now realize everyone has their favourites and that was his.

My favourite has always been the ivory colour, silky-smooth paper of the Minister Prestige.  The Minister Prestige differs from its ‘cousin’ the Minister Weekly planner in the colour of the paper (ivory vs. bright white) and the layout of the week.  [Side Note: Have you ever fallen in love with paper? Yes, I said paper… the thing is Quo Vadis has this way of producing this ivory colour paper that is smooth as silk and a joy to write on.  I love touching it…o.k. this is starting to sound silly  obsessive zany. However, if you don’t know what I am talking about, you need to read the write up on the Quo Vadis Website on what makes it so special.  I think it is because it comes from France and the French are so particular about the paper and pens that they use. I mean Mont Blanc fountain pens are from France for goodness sake ~ that is a whole other blog post.]

Now what makes these planners so special to me:

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  1. The days begin Monday thru Friday with the weekends on the end.  My ‘Margarita suggestion’ is that I wish Saturday and Sunday had equal space but then you would have to give up other details.
  2. There is a tear away in the corner making it easy to bookmark where you are in your agenda.
  3. I like ability to write notes, email addresses, or memos throughout the week.
  4. The paper is oh so silky smooth…uh…yeah…uh… I think I have already said that ♥
  5. Mini-calendars for the previous, current and future months for quick reference.  My second ‘Margarita suggestion’ is the addition of a full month-in-review-2 page-layout at the beginning of every month with a tab starting every month.
  6. There is a full year-in-review at the beginning of the planner but I find it cumbersome going back and forth between the current week & the beginning of the planner.
  7. I like to write down & track receipts/payments and Quo Vadis provides this record keeping tool in every planner.
  8. I LOVE the world maps.  I have to say, I like to look at them and see where different cities & capitals are in the US, Europe and Asia (because I am Canadian).
  9. I like all the international phone numbers at the front.  That is not to say that I will call many people in Burma or Papau New Guinea but I could call one of my readers in Russia, Italy, France or New Zealand…yes, I have readers that live in those far away places.

I love my planner…I mean…Look how pretty it is….I love the turquoise leather-grain-like cover. It is stylish and the best part is next year, all I need to do is get the refill… Humm…Then again, maybe I will get a Trinote instead…in Cactus Green…oh…its soooooooo pretty.



  1. Great review – thank you again for arranging for everyone at the POC Conference to receive one. I already had my own planner for 2012 but one of my clients was happy to take the Quo Vadis Planner off my hands, so it will go to good use.

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