Have you discovered Pinterest?

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  The website describes it very simply: it’s an online pinboard that lets you organize the things you love.  I discovered it through, Cynthia Gagen, blogging friend of mine that blogs about crafts (actually, she blogs about a whole lot more) .  She uses Pinterest to capture images of crafts she’s made, crafts she likes and to display craft projects by others.  You can find her awesome boards here and her even better blog here.

The same goes for my organizing buddies.  There is not a day that goes by that a professional organizers doesn’t pin something on the group board.  In Pinterest you have your own boards and you have boards that you can collaborate on. 

Pinterest is a means of capturing pictures from every possible source: websites, blogs, uploaded photographs…etc. so that you can then group them together and create a board.  This is a fun and easy way of capturing your favourite images without having to bookmark each individual webpage. 

The most important thing to remember when sharing content is to be sure to give credit where credit is due. Thank the source (even if they were not the original person that pinned the picture).   If you can, try and go back to the original source (especially if it is a photograph from a blog post and was taken by the blogger). Then the ‘pin’ will have a direct link to the picture. If you just keep re-pinning, sometimes the source is lost – not good content-credit Karma…

Other then that, have fun, get inspired and pin away.  Let me know how you use your Pinterest boards and lastly, stay tuned for an introductory Pinterest Class for those of you just starting.

Here is my board so follow me if you must…



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