#ProfessionalOrganizers Blog Carnival–eBooks – Review

This month’s challenge for the the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival was eBooks.  This could have been very hard to do since I have not written any eBooks and I have only purchased a few (one of my favourites is ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Building a Better Blog). 

An eBook can be a great way to share your knowledge while monetizing your blog or sharing your knowledge in a written format (as opposed to a presentation or workshop).  You could assemble a series of blog posts as a base and then elaborate with more examples, illustrations or pictures.  The good things about this is selling them on your website can generate passive income for your small business.

Even though I have not written an eBook (yet),

I knew our illustrious Blog Carnival leader, Janet Barclay, had a couple of eBooks in her repertoire so I asked if I could review one of them.  Much to my delight she offered a few eBooks that I could chose from:

A link to these are provided when you click on the picture.


ProfessionalOrganaizersBlogCarnival_JanetBarclay_DownshiftingPRO_2For me the most logical choice was a review of the Basic Guide to Networking on Twitter (The Basic Guide).  I chose this eBook because I do love both networking and twitter. Being a social media trainer and consultant, I also have a expert knowledge of using twitter for business.

I find that Twitter can be complicated to the uninitiated.  There are many terms that we banter around: “Re-Tweet, Favourite, hashtag, twitter party, follow, un-follow, trending”.  Often I have to slow down to help a new client catch up as I describe the virtues and the mechanics of tweeting.  Having an eBook that they can reference later on is fantastic.

The Basic Guide is a short 28 page eBook that you can download on either read on your computer or you can print it.  I chose to print it as a booklet so it reads like a hardcover book and not a pamphlet.  There are 28 pages of information, exercises and challenges, clear cut instruction and links to useful websites.


Janet’s step-by-step instructions on how to get started on Twitter are very clear and concise.  You know what you should be doing first before going on to the next task.

She creates a few challenges (see pic below) that you need to accomplish in order to get a better, more focused twitter feed.  By following these exercises she helps us create content on twitter that is not focused around what we are having for lunch or how bad the service was. She encourages us effectively use twitter for business.


Janet also provided a few screen shots so that you are well aware of where you should be and what the screen should look like.  As most of us tend to be visual learners, I find this feature very helpful.  She also provides actual samples of tweets that had already been sent out. 

I like that a beginner on Twitter could follow the steps very closely and basically not fail.  I think that she could have elaborated a bit more on the type of topics that you can start tweeting about.  That can be such a hard decision to make when you are tweeting for business.  Also simple suggestions on what time of day you should tweet, which days are better and how to deal with direct messages.  Spam can be overwhelming when someone’s handle has been hacked. Unfortunately, that happens on a daily basis.

ProfessionalOrganaizersBlogCarnival_JanetBarclay_DownshiftingPRO_5I absolutely loved the little bird avatar that tells you what page you are on.  Lastly, a few of my favourites from Janet’s eBook were the links to tools that you can use with Twitter.  Whether it was finding more followers in your target market, learning how to un-follow, scheduling tweets or creating a list for keeping easier track of your ‘peeps’.

This is a very basic introduction and guide to Twitter but it may be exactly what you need to get started.  It is small enough that you are not overwhelmed yet challenging enough that even this ‘veteran’ twitter user learned a thing or two.

I am grateful that Janet trusted me enough to review her eBook. Basic Guide to Networking on Twitter BasicGuidetoNetworkingonTwitter_Janet  Barclay_ DownshiftingPROcan be purchased from Janet Barclay’s website.  You pay $8.50 + HST and then you download the eBook.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeasy (as my son would say).

If you are new to Twitter I recommend this guide to you as it may be the perfect size.  Twitter can be a lot to handle all at once but you’ll get the hang of it.  Once you get started, make sure to follow me @DownshiftingPRO  @4LinkedLearning and @LinkedMoms.  See you in Twitterville some time soon.

Janet Barclay is a Virtual Assistant and Blogger.  She blogs at Organized Assistant and runs a Blog Carnival for Professional Organizers every month. She is organized (she was one of us) but has focused her business on website design, virtual assistance and blogging.



  1. Margarita, thanks so much for your review. Your feedback means a lot, coming from a social media pro like you, and I’ll consider adding DMs and timing into my next revision.

    Just one thing – I didn’t write “Get Paid to Win Clients.” That was created by Porter Knight of Productivity Vermont, who has authorized me to sell it on her behalf. It’s a great resource for professional organizers and other service providers who want to get more out of public speaking.

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