Editorial Calendar and Writing Prompts

Last year I managed to get a few Editorial Calendars out but this year, I want to be more focused and try to get these out on a regular basis.  So this February I have put together an editorial calendar and writing prompt that should help me and other bloggers have a better idea about what we can use this to help them should they get writer’s block.

February is both Black History Month and Heart Month and contains Eating Disorder Awareness Week (Feb. 1 – 6), International Development Week (Feb. 7-13), World Cancer day (Feb. 4),

Editorial Calendar and Writing Prompts Februrary

Editorial Calendar – February 2016

  1. Monday: 4M – Manic Monday Tips /
    1. Tuesday:  Travel Tuesday – #TravellingMaple on Instagram PHOTO CHALLENGE #DPROtravel
  2. Wednesday:  (Not so) Wordless Wednesday / 10 Books to Read During Black History Month
  3. Thursday: World Cancer Day #WCD How to Support a Family when Someone is Sick #WeCanICan
  4. Friday:  Friday Follow: Twitter Let us know what some of your favourite twitter accounts are and why.
  5. Saturday:   Are you thinking about your spring garden yet? Tell us about how you plan for the spring planting season.
  6. Sunday:   Super Bowl Sunday Safe Internet Day: How do you keep the internet safe for your kids?
  7. Monday:  4M – Manic Monday Tips /Organizing Sport Equipment #OrganizedBlogger Carnival
    Writing Prompts:  Gung Hay Fat Choy means “Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year.” Chinese New Year – Random Acts of Kindness Week: Feb. 9 – 15
  8. Tuesday:  Travel Tuesday – #TravellingMaple on Instagram (follow the #DPROtravel hashtag for the photo challenge)
    Writing Prompts: Mardi Gras – Pancake Tuesday
  9. Wednesday:  Wordless Wednesday /Capilano Golf & Country Club
  10. Thursday:  Make a Friend Day  – Talk about why one of your friends is so special to you.
  11. Friday: Friday Follow: Pinterest – Which boards do you just drool over? Give us 10 Pinterest accounts we should follow.
  12. Saturday:  What was your favourite Valentine’s Day with your kids?
  13. Sunday:  Valentine’s Day. Share photos or write a love letter to your love.
  14. Monday:  4M – Manic Monday Tips / Family Day or President’s Day
  15. Tuesday: Travel Tuesday – #TravellingMaple on Instagram
  16. Wednesday:  Wordless Wednesday /
  17. Thursday:  What is your favourite show on Netflix or whatever you use to stream shows?  Tell us about ‘must watch’ shows that you love.
  18. Friday: Friday Follow: Facebook.  Is there a page that you read EVERYDAY?  Maybe you find a blogger or a brand that you think is a page you should ‘like’. Tell us about them.
  19. Saturday:  World Day of Social Justice #HeNamedMeMalala
  20. Sunday:  Your best crock pot recipes
  21. Monday:  4M – Manic Monday Tips / International World Thinking Day! Guiding: Where you Brownie, Girl Guide or Scout? What was your favourite part?
  22. Tuesday:  Travel Tuesday – #TravellingMaple on Instagram
  23. Wednesday:  Wordless Wednesday / Pink Shirt Day: Anti-bullying Day
  24. Thursday: Write about a bucket list item that you want to get to this year?  Travel, learn a new language, run a half-marathon…
  25. Friday:  Friday Follow: YouTube, Periscope or Vimeo
  26. Saturday:  Giveaway Linky What song played during your first dance as husband and wife? Why did you choose that song?
  27. Sunday:  Write a letter to your younger self. Be really honest.
  28. Monday: 4M – Manic Monday Tips / It’s Leap Year: What do you celebrate that is unusual?

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