Margarita Ibbott – Professional Organizer, Speaker + Workshop Facilitator

Downshifting – Professional Organizing Solutions & Linked Learning

• POC Member since– January, 2006 & NSGCD 2010

• POC London and Area Chapter Chair (past -Vice-chair,- NOWeek Chair & -Program Chair)

• BA (McGill University); Management Diploma (University of Alberta)

I love Social Media + I love to Organize. Bringing these two passions together has made my 2013 a very busy year. I have been using social media platforms (Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc.) for numerous years and have acquired industry specific marketing strategies with an ‘expert’ level of knowledge of LinkedIn.

When I realize that there was a need to help other small business owners navigate the maze that is social media marketing, I partnered with a web-designer and social media strategist to established LinkedLearning.ca in 2009. Through hands-on, interactive workshops in both group and one-on-one sessions, I have helped business owners learn how to harness the power of LinkedIn to grow their network and find their target market effectively.  I successfully presented at PodCamp- Digital & Social Media Conference in London and PodCamp Toronto, The Madow Group Social Media Marketing Summit in Chicago, London and Area Small Business Center, Professional Organizers in Canada National Conference (2010,2011,2012), NAPO conference and I also taught LinkedIn and Social Networking at London’s TechAlliance & UWO’s Ivey School of Business –Institute of Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneur 1.0: The Ultimate Business Boot Camp.

As a professional organizer, I understand what those in our industry need to ‘communicate’ to business owners and companies using social media vehicles. I am confident that the LinkedIn presentation will be educational, challenging but still engaging.