Corporate Seminars and Workshops

Half Day Training Workshop:

Getting You Going…The  New Year is Here and we are Ready to Go!

9:15 – 12:15 or 1:00 – 4:00

Location: Regus Business Centre
380 Wellington Street, Tower B, 6th floor London Ontario N6A 5B5, Canada
Hands-on Half-Day Workshop

Minimum registration is 6 per session – Maximum 10

Finally, a Social Media Workshop that is both instructional and interactive.  Bring your laptop and get started.  As business we understand that the playing field has changed regarding marketing. It is time to learn how to use social media networking platforms to get you noticed and help you find more clients.

Today’s business environment has changed; standard advertising models just don’t work. Customers are looking for a more information and willing to be engaged by a business to get what they want. Social Media is a constant, we keep hearing about it, but very few are actually doing anything with it.  We have general, introductory workshops and more in-depth, 3 hour hands-on workshops that help you develop your skills.

We will get you started on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Learn some of the lingo and the shortcuts that help you use your social media ‘time’ effectively.

What you will learn:

  1. LinkedIn: Learn how  to use: Recommendations, Introductions, Groups and other features specific to your needs
  2. Facebook: Linking your blog and moderating comments on your Facebook Page, posting events
  3. Twitter: Using #hashtags, learning to tweet and re-tweet
  4. Instagram: Understanding why posting pictures can help you get customers
  5. Blogs: How this platform can transform your message to your clients and fuel your social media marketing train.

We will answer any questions that you might have about each platform.  We want you to learn how to use social media to grow your business.  We will explain how you can integrate it with other promotions, special events or newsletters that you currently use to promote your business.  

We will walk you through the platforms and give you specific directions and you will take home a workbook to help you learn.

To sign up for the upcoming seminar: Please call us at 519.777.4080 or send us an email at

Quick Start on Social Networking Sites…

Tech Tuesdays –
Spring 2014

Location: TBD
Bring your Laptop & Grow Your Business Learning Series
7:30 – 9:00 pm

Learning about the Wild, Wild West: Introducing you to Social Media

Understanding what social media is all about is very important not only in business but personally.  If you have no or very little knowledge about social media, I will give you an overview of the key players – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Blogs. Come to learn, come with questions, come and have fun.

Tech Tuesdays –
Spring 2014

Location: TBD

Bring your Laptop & Grow Your Business Learning Series
7:30 – 9:00 pm

Introducing LinkedIn: Understanding the Fastest Growing Social Network Platform

One person joins LinkedIn every second.  It is the fastest growing networking platform for one good reason: Companies do not let their employees engage on Facebook or Twitter at work but they do let them (even encourage them) to sign up on LinkedIn. You are now exposed to a whole group of people that are not normally on traditional social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).  LinkedIn is a very powerful networking tool: find out why. Let’s get you using more of LinkedIn tonight!

Tech Tuesdays
Spring 2014

Location: TBD

Bring your Laptop & Grow Your Business Learning Series
7:30 – 9:00 pm

Introducing Twitter: Chirping, Tweeting, Follow you Where? Understanding Twitter 101
Twitter is more then just talking about what you had for lunch…No matter how fabulous that Cobb Salad is! Maybe you have toyed with Twitter but you don’t know how to find follower, who to follow or what to do on Twitter. An informal social networking platform that can help you find customers. Learn the lingo & understand how to use it for business.

Tech Tuesdays –
Spring 2014

Location: TBD

Bring your Laptop & Grow Your Business Learning Series
7:30 – 9:00 pm

Introducing Blogging: Learn all about blogs – Write for fun, For Business, For Therapy
Blogging or vlogging is another way to communicate your message to the world. So maybe you want to start blogging. Learn how easy it can be to start a blog. I will also cover blogs that you can follow and start reading.  Maybe you will be inspired over the holidays to take the plunge and create your blog.

Previous Speaking Engagements:

Professional Organizers in Canada – National Conference 2010 & 2011 & 2012
Speaker: Margarita Ibbott
Advanced Techniques:Taking LinkedIn to the Next Level 

National Association of Professional Organizers – National Conference 2011
Ask the Expert Organizer Panelist: Margarita Ibbott
Social Media consultant and Professional Organizer on 6 person panel

Speaker: Margarita Ibbott
Building your Network and Personal Profile on LinkedIn

Selectpath Benefits & Financial Professional Development Day
Speaker: Margarita Ibbott
Understanding how to Network  using LinkedIn

TechAlliance Entrepreneur 101
co-speaker: Margarita Ibbott
Marketing & Communications (Social Media) module

TechAlliance Breakfast Club

Speaker: Margarita Ibbott
Building your Personal Profile on LinkedIn


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