“If you are looking to take your, or your clients’ LinkedIn business development and lead generation to the next level look no further than Margarita. I have been trying to wrap my head around LinkedIn’s potential as a business dev tool for some time now, and felt pretty confident about it before attending one of Margarita’s training sessions, but I learned a lot from her. There was so much that I didn’t know!

If you are anywhere from a basic to an intermediate, even somewhat advanced LinkedIn user you will learn a lot from Margarita. I would recommend her to anybody looking to make use of this ever-growing community to grow their business.”

Adam Weitner, Digital Account Manager, Consumer @EdelmanTO

“Margarita has been a huge help in helping me to finally understand social networking and how to use Facebook and LinkedIn to my advantage. I am slow to adapt to new technology and she has eased this transition immensely!”

Barry Izsak, Professional Organizer & Senior Move Manager at Arranging It All & Past President NAPO

“Rarely do I give rave reviews for a presentation but Margarita Ibbott is truly an exception. She spoke briefly about her company DownshiftingPRO but her main topic of speech was navigating the world of LinkedIn. She should be deemed a “Guru” on this subject. As an individual who utilizes social media, Margarita gave an excellent overview. I am positive everyone left the meeting with a much wider knowledge of LinkedIn. She used layman terminology and answered questions in a simple precise manner. I would definitely recommend anyone who wishes to dive into the world of social media especially LinkedIn to utilize her service and expertise.”

Sue Anderton-Howe, CEP, Meeting & Event Professional

“I had the recent delight to attend Margarita’s presentation on Working with LinkedIn at the 2010 PodCamp London Un-Conference. She is certainly highly knowledgeable and has excellent presentation skills. I personally plan to incorporate her advice over the next few weeks with my own LinkedIn profile and I am also planning on having Margarita present to our members at a future TechAlliance learning event.” May 14, 2010

Jodi Simpson, Director, Marketing & Community Relations, Harrison Pensa LLP

“I worked with Margarita one-on-one to set up my profile on LinkedIn. She has a detailed knowledge of social media (LinkedIn, Facebook Pages & Twitter) and explained the concepts to me in an easy to understand manner. Her in-depth knowledge of all LinkedIn features (groups, polls, events, etc.) helped me to understand how LinkedIn can grow my business. Margarita is very personable and a pleasure to work with”

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Barbara Bidner, Trademark Lawyer at Barbara Bidner Law Office

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